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Do they really exist? Do they live beyond our world with their white coats made of heaven clouds or are they just a part of our imagination? Do they stand united when one of us is falling down, making a mistake or do they just watch us with those big eyes wishing they've done something different? When you're about to do something, do they stand beside you holding your hand, standing near you? Sometimes when I'm about to do something that I know it's wrong but I'm doing it anyway, I feel like there's someone looking over my shoulder waiting for the right moment to stop me. And then, it does. Is my guardian angel the sleepy voice inside my head that's always analysing things and moments? What are they? Lost souls of people who died because of someone's stupidity or just souls wondering around looking for someone? I think that they've lost a lot in life, and they've lost because someone wasn't careful enough, and now they have a chance to be careful that someone else doesn't do the same thing. That's what I'm doing. Trying to save my friends from doing some mistakes that I did and suffered for it. I don't want anyone to feel alone as I felt. No one to hold your head when you're crying, no one to say "everything is going to be alright". It feels like your standing on the water and suddenly you wake up wet. You remember standing on the edge, but how did you fall down you don't know. And you fall, and you fall, and you fall.. Until someone grabs your hand. It's like the scene from a movie when you see a light at the end of the tunel. It's the final hope that's going to chance everything. After that, ether you feel like you're made of stone, or you feel like you're ready to gamble. I was a stone. A stone that no one could touch, not thinking about breaking it. I was that somebody that didn't care. I just didn't. My soul was empty, so was my heart. Covered in stones, wishing for someone brave enough to try to take away the stones.. but no one dared. What changed me back was a girl that looked at me in the mirror. She was wearing chains on her neck, enabled to speak, on her arms, enable to come near me, she was forgotten. I don't know exactly what happened that changed me into myself again, but I am grateful. Because now I can help, end the suffer, not make it worse, what I did in that period. And when you feel your power rising in your chest..That moment becomes infinity. In the end you realize you're your own angel. No one can hurt you as much as you can, and no one can save you as you can save yourself. They say, our loved ones who died are our angels, "watching over us", but that's only that they can do. They can't make me do something, they can't stop me. I stopped believing in angels, I started to believe in myself. That I can achieve something, only if I really want to. It's my destiny and no angel can control me. Angels are just funny, little things that appear in children movies, in reality, we're on our own.

Where would we be if we couldn\'t dream?
03/12/2013 19:49